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We Sell Verified Professional Subscription Amazon Sellercentral Accounts

To put it simply, you can get a fully verified USA/UK/EU Amazon seller account from us.

We sell:

  • USA, UK Amazon sellercentral stores (accounts) that are fully verified by Amazon.
  • Amazon accounts that are “immune” from utility bill request/review.
  • Accounts that already have passed the utility bill review.
  • Accounts that are slightly aged, have a few sales and may or may not have some feedback.

What we need from you if you decide to buy an Amazon account form us?:

To be fair, practically nothing, apart from your payment. We are a “full service” company. Imagine it as a 5-star hotel — we strive to get our customers fully covered and provide everything that is needed stress-free and as quickly as possible.

We won’t need your documents, your utility scans, your credit cards, and so on. We get EVERYTHING done for you. All you need to worry about is what you will sell and focus on your Amazon business.

How Much Do These Amazon SellerCentral Accounts Cost?

Our Amazon accounts costs fluctuates from time to time, so we won’t be publicly displaying it. Especially, if clients have some additional or special requirements.

If you want to find out the pricing and terms — feel free to fill out our contact form (we promise to do our best to answer in 1-12hrs max.). Or just message us via Facebook messenger (on the bottom right of your screen).

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Why Would You Buy an Amazon Seller Account From Us & Not Create One Yourself?

We get this questions from time to time. Although, majority of people who decided to buy an Amazon account from us — already know the answer…

A lot of people underestimate that registering to sell on a platform like Amazon — isn’t the same as registering on Skype or etc. Amazon looks at new seller applications very seriously and carefully. There are a LOT of moving parts in that process (even those that are not visible on the front-end).

So in order to get approved and successfully registered on Amazon’s SellerCentral — everything has to be pretty perfect, and sometimes you need a bit of luck too.

Our main customers who buy accounts from us are:

  • Completely new sellers that don’t want to risk and get their name banned on Amazon forever;
  • New sellers that were denied to sell on Amazon;
  • Existing sellers that have been banned/suspended on Amazon and lost their accounts, but want to get back to selling again.
  • Existing, experienced sellers who already own 1 or more accounts but want to get even more accounts in order to increase profits, and decrease risks.
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What Is Included In the Amazon Account Package?

We include everything that is needed for you to fully operate and have complete access to your Amazon seller’s account.

To put it simply, you will get:

  • Fully approved account that is ready to sell right away;
  • Included credit card;
  • Professional subscription fee ($39.99) already paid by us;
  • All email, recovery email logins and etc.

Basically, you will get everything and every piece of information we ourselves had when registering the account.

What Kind of Amazon Accounts Do We Have For Sale?

We mainly sell fully verified and ready-to-be-used Amazon sellercentral accounts. Both UK/EU and USA. Also, we might get you an account for UAE, Australia and etc.

USA Amazon accounts are able to sell in:

  • USA marketplace —
  • Canada (CA) marketplace —
  • Mexico (MX) marketplace —

UK/European Amazon accounts are able to sell in:

  • United Kingdom (UK) marketplace —
  • Spain (ES) marketplace —
  • Italy (IT) marketplace —
  • France (FR) marketplace —
  • Netherlands (NL) marketplace —
  • Sweden (SE) marketplace —
  • Poland (PL) marketplace —
  • Germany (DE) marketplace —

I Need An Aged Amazon Seller Account With Feedbacks (& Ungated Categories) – Is It Possible?

Short answer — yes and no.

It will ultimately depend on your budget and what you need.
First of all you need to understand that good aged accounts with good metrics cost A LOT OF MONEY.
For example, a really great account can cost anywhere from $5000 up to $30,000, $100,000 and even more!

There are a lot of SCAM SITES out there promising you the impossible — aged amazon accounts, with lots of feedback, categories ungated for just $1000-3000 USD. Which is completely unrealistic.

First of all, there are dozens of gated categories on amazon. Just 1 category ungating can cost anywhere from $400 to $5000+. Now imagine multiplying that by 10x — and you expect someone will sell you that kind of account for $1000 or so? You can do the math.

And we’re not saying those accounts don’t exist. They do, but prices are accordingly high. We really urge you to go to — select Amazon stores/businesses and check out the REAL pricing for high-value accounts.

However, you you’re a newbie seller — we don’t even recommend getting an aged account for several reasons.

But if you insist — please contact us and let us know — we might find something slightly aged at least.

Why Should You Buy Amazon Accounts and Trust Us?

Frankly, we’ve been in Amazon business (selling and creating accounts) for more than 4 years now.

We’ve had hundreds upon hundreds of customers and 99% of them been happy with our accounts and service.
We have a loyal customer base who purchase from us on a constant basis (they are large sellers on Amazon).

Throughout the years — we had literally 0 negative feedbacks or reviews. We guess this is because:

  • We always strive to fully accommodate our customer and leave them 100% happy
  • We provide full after-sales support and don’t disappear after making a sale
  • In case there is any kind of problem — we always try to fix it the best way possible

We understand there are some scammers in this industry and frankly we receive messages from time to time from people saying that they were scammed and they don’t trust anyone anymore. This is basically because they either fail to do their due diligence or just buy something that is completely unrealistic, hoping that somehow it will ‘work out’.

If you have any reservations — it’s completely normal and we can provide you with some proof with our work with previous customers — just please contact us and let us know.

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